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A Bit About Our History

In 1947 the Government of British Columbia established this sign shop to manufacture and supply all of BC’s roads and highways with uniform traffic signs.  It continued to provide millions of hand made signs to the Province through a state of the art facility in Victoria until February of 1988 when it was privatized and purchased by its employees.

With a 6,200 sq. ft. production area, Tran Sign Ltd. was born and continued to supply BC with not only the best uniform traffic signage, but a complete line of safety products including barricades, sign stands and hardware.

As the Government contract came to a close in 1993, Tran Sign expanded its portfolio to cater to a more commercial market while continuing its commitment to the municipalities’ and cities’ demand for quality traffic signs and products. Along with the largest commercial screen printing shop on Vancouver Island, Tran Sign dove into the digital era with a fully equipped graphic prepress department.

We have come a long way since 1948 when the normal production method included hand painted signs. The signs are now produced in mass volumes with the assistance of the latest computer technology, accurate printing presses and knowledgeable personnel and operators.

The current owners acquired Tran Sign in 2019 which helped expand our client base to over 1,500 regular customers. Our regular customers include all levels of government, contractors, developers and commercial bodies, and shipping points as far away as China. Tran Sign supports the e-commerce revolution with the introduction of Tran Sign Online.