Vinyl Window Decals, Vehicle Decals and Wraps

Maximize your brand visibility with high-quality decals and wraps installed by certified technicians

Our decals and wraps are an easy and affordable way to advertise your company or organization to your community. Decals and wraps keep your company in the mind of potential customers for when they are in need of your services.

Vinyl vehicle decal on the side of a blue truck
Worker applying a vinyl decal to the back of a white vehicle

Commercial Decals

Our vehicle decals use conforming cast vinyl that is specially designed to be applied to the contours of a vehicle. These decals are sustainable under all weather conditions and can be removed if they are no longer needed. Our main vehicle decal vinyl materials are:

  • 3M Controltac IJ180-10 vinyl with 8518 laminate
  • Orafol 3951 HT vinyl with 290 Laminate

Tran Sign installers are certified by 3M, so you can be sure that your commercial decals and wraps will not peel or wear. Proper application of vinyl decals will lead to years of trouble free use.

Commercial Vinyl Wraps

Wraps contour around large sections or the entirety of a vehicle or object, such as a utility box. If you’re wanting to take your advertisement to the next level or simply change the colour of your commercial vehicle or utility box without paint, a vinyl wrap may be a good option for you.

Wraps are made with premium, weather-resistant vinyl that can be removed if and when they are no longer needed. Please note that with vehicle wraps, we focus specifically on commercial vehicles rather than personal vehicles and each job is priced according to the vehicle, as each job is unique.

Vinyl wrap in floral pattern on a hydro box

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