Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we supply barricades and sign stands as well as distribute delineators, road marking tape, JS Foster AFA products, PVC posts, highway delineation markers, vests, hardhats and a host of other products.

Yes, we will certainly personalize your order with any graphic you desire, printed on the product.

All of our uniform traffic signs adhere to the guidelines set out in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Canada (MUTCDC) as well they meet the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure specs (MOTI). Our safety signs follow the standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Workers Compensation Board (WCB).

We use 3M, Avery Dennison, and Orafol materials throughout our line of products. We carry Non-Reflective Vinyl and Reflective Grade sheeting. Reflectives include Engineer Grade (ASTM 1), Fluorescent Orange (ASTM 9), Hi-Intensity (ASTM 3), and Diamond Grade (ASTM 9).

Yes. Our products match the standard warranties provided by our sheeting manufacturers. 3M, Avery Dennison, and Orafol provide the same warranties on their equivalent products.

  • White Vinyl: 4 or 6 years.
  • Engineer Grade: 7 years.
  • Fluorescent Orange: 8 years.
  • High Intensity: 10 years.
  • Diamond Grade: 12 years.

All our signs are digitally printed on vinyl, or reflective, before being applied to the customer’s desired substrate. Substrates include aluminum, aluminum composite, coroplast, plywood, and magnet.

We use .081″ 5052-H38 sign grade aluminum. If you need another grade or thickness, contact our sales team and we can special order what you need.

Aluminum weighs 1.13 lbs. per square foot or 5.7 kg per square metre. For example, a stop sign 24″ x 24″ (60 cm. x 60 cm.) weighs 4.52 lbs. or about 2 kg. A standard sheet of 4′ x 8′ plywood ½ inch thick weighs 45 lbs. or about 20 kg. A ¾ inch thick sheet weighs 65 lbs. or 30 kg.

We use MDO exterior grade plywood in ½”, 5/8″ and ¾”.

We supply a complete line of approved posts and installation hardware.

We supply various anti-theft hardware as well as the 3M anti-graffiti film and anti-graffiti towels for graffiti removal.

Unfortunately, we no longer offer sign installations on site. We do offer decal and wrap installations on vehicles.

As well as traffic signs, we manufacture banners, real estate signs, decals, fleet graphics, digital printing, safety signs, menus, sandwich boards, window graphics, site signs, magnetic, vehicle graphics, bus advertising and more.

British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation has a set of standards which sign manufacturers are to follow when producing sign products. Tran Sign is the only BC MOT-recognized sign shop on Vancouver Island because we focus on meeting and exceeding these standards. In particular, these five areas are the standards of manufacturing followed by Tran Sign:

  1. Reflectivity: All products meet ASTM reflectivity standards using MOT-approved reflective sheeting.
  2. Substrate: We use two types of approved substrates for permanent use – aluminum and plywood. For temporary signs, aluminum composite can be used. All of these materials have specific thickness requirements which we meet or exceed.
  3. Colour: Colours conform to ASTM D4956 Standard for traffic control and are printed through 3M-approved RIP software with correct presets.
  4. Lamination: Matches manufacturer’s recommendations of application and warranty. Free of any cracks, holes and deformities in the laminate.
  5. Warranty: All products meet the warranty according to the ASTM grade, up to a 12-year warranty. All MOT signs have the manufacturer name, contact, warranty date and reflectivity grade level printed on the back of the sign.

Why does this matter? It matters because these standards have been set for a reason. Traffic signs meeting the MOT specification are designed to keep drivers safe. When a sign does not meet the MOT standard, it is considered unfit for road usage and you could potentially be held responsible for accidents which occur due to unfit signage.

All our signs are digitally printed onto vinyl or reflective, laminated, and applied to substrates via pressurized rollers.

Our standard turnaround time is 5 business days after an order is approved. If a proof is needed for approval, the turnaround time is five days after the proof is approved.

Customs signs also have a 5-day turnaround following the proof approval.

Yes. It’s possible to receive a proof within the same day, but otherwise we provide custom designs within four business days.

Yes. All custom work includes a full colour rendering that will be sent via e-mail.

Yes, we will accept your digital file, printed artwork or existing sign and reproduce it to your specifications. Files must be an image file or a vector file. Artwork can be sent to our art department at [email protected]. Please contact Sales prior to sending artwork as some logos will require an art fee, depending on the complexity of the logo.

Yes. We will match Pantone colours, paint chips, or any physical colour sample that you can bring to us.

  • We can print an image as large as you wish on our 60-inch Solvent Inkjet, and Latex printers.
  • If applied to a substrate the maximum size is 48” wide and 10” long.
  • If you wish to apply to aluminum or aluminum composite substrate, the maximum height is 6”(48” maximum width still applies).
  • Large graphics will have to be printed in multiple pieces and seamed together during installation. We can also print as small as 1″ x 1″, but do not recommend printing text smaller than 8 points.