Slip and fall prevention systems for hazardous winter weather

IceAlert® temperature sensitive reflectors begin to turn from white to blue as temperatures near freezing, turning fully blue when below 0°C/32°F. The reflectors alert pedestrians, workers or drivers of icy or near-icy conditions, taking a proactive approach to slip and fall prevention.

IceAlert temperature reflective sensor universal mount

For Slips and Falls

Pedestrians, employees and customers face slip and fall risks frequently throughout the winter months.

IceAlert® signage and temperature reflectors are a simple safety measure that comes with exceptional results. IceAlert® reflectors are generally placed at property entrances and exits, along with parking lots and walkways.

For Vehicles

Mounting IceAlert® reflectors to roadside guideposts alerts motorists to freezing or near-freezing temperatures.

Driver complacency can lead to extremely dangerous situations, as icy roadways can be difficult to identify. IceAlert® systems produce a bright blue light when vehicle headlights reflect against the sign, creating a useful and intuitive warning system.

IceAlert temperature reflective sensor stages of activation

How IceAlert® Works

Temperature-sensitive reflectors within the IceAlert® system begin to change colours when temperatures approach freezing. At 3.3C/38F, the reflectors begin to transition from white to blue. At 0C/32F or below, the reflectors turn fully blue.

This simple yet effective system allows employees, pedestrians or customers to visualize when the temperature is at or approaching freezing, promoting cautious movement.

No Electricity Required

IceAlert® reflectors are standalone units. No batteries or power are required, and the units can be mounted to a pole, post or anywhere else that is visible to pedestrians or motorists.

Reflectors are available either mounted to a sign or as a standalone reflector. Accompanying reflector signs are also available.

Universal Mount

IceAlert temperature reflective sensor universal mount

Post Mount

IceAlert temperature reflective sensor post mount

Reflector Only

IceAlert temperature reflective sensor

Reflective Info Sign

Information sign for IceAlert temperature reflective sensor

Versatile and Effective Ice Warning Systems

IceAlert® reflectors can be used in various applications such as:

  • Stratas and condominiums
  • Schools and school crossings
  • Retail business storefronts
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Airports and train stations
  • Office or municipal buildings
Icy pathway with IceAlert reflector and informational sign in foreground

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